Take a look at the video below. While performing a rescue, one rescuer was swept away by the moving water. You can see that the rescuer is not panicking and is following his training. He has his feet up, facing downstream and is on his back. After a couple of unsuccessful throw bag attempt he rolls over, faces up stream, gets a ferry angle and starts swimming towards the shore. When he sees a rescuer running along side of him with a throw bag, he gets ready, grabs the rope and is swung into the shore while the thrower assumes the correct position to act as an anchor. Good job all around.

One other small, but cool point is that when the final thrower tosses the rope behind the rescuer and out of reach, he simply runs a little faster to drag the rope right to the rescuer. Cool technique that probably isn’t taught many places, but I would guess comes from a lot of drilling.

There are a lot of reasons to be proficient in technical rescue. Here is a picture of the rescuer with his family that his wife put up on Facebook. Seems like three good reasons to me:

swiftwater family