4 comments on “Rope Rescue Training

  1. Love the vortex photos…!!! How much force have you placed on the penta plate while resting on the pins? Curious on what you were rigging in the first photo here?

  2. There are a couple of pictures on the bottom of the multimedia page that show a wider view of what we were accomplishing. Basically, we were doing a sideways easel A Frame. The leg with the V5 RigPlate was being held in tension against the concrete column. The V5 was just used as our lashing point. There doesn’t appear to be enough leverage from the V5 to do any damage; the pins are absolutel strong enough and the bottom of the V5 doesn’t do any damage to the legs. It was designed by Rock Exotica t be used with the AZV.

  3. I’d tie the rope around my waist, have it over that ‘something’ and hold it with my hands. I can ealisy descend to the platform then just pull it (it’s not tied to the roof), and repeat again the same process.

  4. I did not design that plate to be used in this manner. Rigging plates and not designed for flexing. The forces should be applied through the long axis. Those are not tested for cross loading like carabiners. That will weaken the plate and fail if there is enough.force. What that force is??? Who knows because it is not tested in that manner…

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