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There’s a ton of different ways to attach your travel restriction to your anchor; some right, some wrong. One of the easiest ways to make it happen is also one of the worst. Simply wrapping you  carabiner and rope around the anchor and clipping it back to itself is not an entirely uncommon sight.

Take a look at the videos below that were taken by Richard Delaney of Rope Lab and  Rope Test Lab on Facebook. They show what can happen if you actually took a fall on this type of tie off. This type of demonstration should be enough proof for the doubters that you should actually pay attention to how you tie off. It’s obviously an issue of training to make sure it always gets done correctly. Sometimes it can be the littlest attention to details that can have the biggest effect.



The wrong way:


Better ways to tie off are to use either a clove hitch or Italian (Munter) hitch:IMG_1654IMG_1652



Sterling Rope recently released a voluntary recall for some of their 8mm sewn cordage. This affects some of the cordage sold with the popular AZTEK kit. Take a look at the images below to see if your cordage is in the affected lots. If it is, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of what to do:

Call Sterling at 800-788-7673 or email them at

I picked this up from The Spec Ops Blog, which is a very good website with a ton of great info. Check them out.

The full length version:

sterling recall page1

Sterling Recall page2

Sterling Recall page3